October 21, 2014 30 Degrees South

October 21, 2014
30 31′ S
170 54′ E
SOG 5.0 kts

We finally crossed into 30 degrees latitudes today!  Right now we’re motoring through a weak low pressure area.  For the past two days we’ve been beating mercilessly into strong southerly winds and choppy seas.  Privateer is balanced out perfectly for upwind sailing so no windvane required.  Looks like the southerlies will finally settle down a bit and we can expect motoring for the next few days as a high pressure pattern develops.

We lost our fridge compressor to saltwater damage when the locker it was in unknowingly flooded while the boat was heeled.  Unfortunately it was mounted on a shelf with no drain holes!  Today all of our fridge food went into the sea…

Nice sunny afternoon today.  We took the opportunity to clean up the boat and bring her back to ship-shape after all the southerly slop.  Slow mileage made good these last two days as we’ve been tacking into 20-24 knots of headwinds

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