October 22, 2014 Motoring Along….

October 22, 2014
32 04′ S
171 00′ E
SOG: 5.0 kts under engine

Having a motor fest in light winds.  We aimed right for the center of a weak low pressure system to avoid another southerly beat-down.  It was worth it!  We’re motoring along in big glassy swells, light winds, and the occasional squall.  Nep took a squall shower the other day.  The trick is to lather up with Dr. Bronner’s quickly as the rain starts, so that the downpour washes it all away before it stops.

We continue to pass through massive rafts of “By the wind sailor” jellyfish.  There must be hundreds of millions of them out here!  Day after day, non-stop.  At sunrise they glitter on the waves.  We’re in the midst of one of the world’s great migrations.

Currently we are 562 NM away from the Nelson Harbor entrance, and we are counting down the days!  We’re trying to get there before the middle of next week, when heavy weather is forecast to pass through.  So we’ll run our engine as long as we need to while we’re in these light winds.  Keeping close tabs on the weather now.  Looks like a few days more of motoring, followed by a few days of (knock on wood!) NW winds to carry us down to latitude 41 south.

Our food supply is getting rather basic without the fridge.  It’s going to be another week of Ritz crackers and scrambled eggs!

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